Road Marking

At Gulf Fencing & Specialist Surfacing Est W.L.L,, we deal in world class thermoplastic and chlorinated road markings. Although they are distinct in make, these types of road markings have similar uses. Thermoplastic paints are used in commercial roads which face heavy traffic day in and day out. The chlorinated road markings are used in marking domestic and private roads. We assure proper planning in the road marking process, thus resulting in quick turnaround time and timely completion of the project.

Road studs are used extensively on ill lit roads to help regulate lane traffic. These reflective road studs are popularly used on highways to keep the road visible for oncoming traffic. Our experts are fully trained in the installation of such road suds on all types of roads. This includes commercial car parks, warehouses, industrial estates, etc. Our crew are well equipped with the latest installation equipment and practices to help deliver quality services within a nominal time frame.