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Members of Gulf Fencing & Specialist Surfacing Est. W.L.L. are dedicated to offer highest standards in design and construction of projects. Customer satisfaction and safety to the user are our highest goals. We further believe that these goals can be accomplished only through competition and the application of well-proven engineering facts and standards.

To achieve these goals, we pledge ourselves to the following points:

• We accept our responsibility to our Consumer, who uses our services and facilities.

• We will be guided by the policies of honesty and integrity in our works and in our deeds.

• In the design of projects and in all components integrated into those designs we will strive for maximum safety, usability, cost effectiveness, aesthetic beauty and reliability.

• In the installation of materials and equipment, in our construction and renovation projects, we will not be satisfied with less than the highest quality of workmanship, attention to detail, consistency of performance and efficiency of management.

• We will stand behind our materials, equipment, design and construction and support all efforts to improve products and service.

• We will fulfill all contractual obligations offer a reasonable warranty on material, equipment and services, and will perform on such warranty where justifiable claims are in order.

• We will remain committed to achieve completion of any projects on time.

• We will strive our best to remain in tune with the latest technology and thereby make them available to our valuable customer.

• We will encourage competition as the hallmark of the free enterprise system.

• We will deal fairly and openly with our associates, competitors, customers and the public, within the limits of the law.

• Our mission is to target countries that offer mutually beneficial business climates that would provide, through the profit motive, a orderly transfer of information, application of technology and implementation of projects to achieve a common goal.

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